Valeriy Leonidovich Klychkov

Charge Nurse - Critical Care RN at PAM Specialty Hospital Of Sarasota

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Valeriy Leonidovich Klychkov, from Zheleznogorsk, Russia, stands out for his exceptional professional accomplishments and personal commitments. As a technologist, healthcare professional, and altruist, his life is a testament to his unwavering dedication to excellence and compassionate heart.

At age five, Valeriy embarked on an extraordinary adventure, immigrating to America. He developed a prodigious aptitude for technology and initiated programming video games when he was just 10. His skills and passion culminated in creating a successful private server for the widely known play, "Runescape," named 2006Scape. This early brush with technology set the stage for his future technological pursuits.

His academic achievements highlight Valeriy's commitment to learning. After graduating from North Port High School with flying colors, he was in the top 7th class in 2011. He then attended the State College of Florida (SCF), securing an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts in 2013. His scholarly prowess led to his induction into the esteemed Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

His fascination with healthcare saw him complete SCF's Associate of Science in Nursing program in 2015. His perseverance led to his membership in the Nursing Honor Society. Despite challenges, he furthered his education, securing his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from SCF in 2017. Valeriy’s unwavering commitment to quality healthcare underscores his dedication to nursing.

Currently, Valeriy Leonidovich is contributing his expertise as a Charge Nurse at Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital of Sarasota. His exceptional leadership in a step-down ICU critical care environment attests to his proficiency and commitment to nursing.

Beyond professional feats, Valeriy cherishes his interests. A computer enthusiast, he enjoys building and enhancing computer systems. Further, his passion for automotive mechanics, sparked by his father, allows him to repair and restore cars. He also relishes spending time with his nieces and nephews, treasuring family moments.

Valeriy’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond his professional boundaries. As a youth assistant pastor, he has been actively involved in his local church and has embarked on numerous missionary trips. He has aided communities in Mexico and the Navajo Native American tribe in Arizona, providing food and constructing shelters. His commitment to philanthropy underscores his empathetic spirit and serves as a beacon to others.

Valeriy Leonidovich Klychkov's journey as a technology enthusiast, accomplished nurse, and compassionate philanthropist encapsulates his relentless pursuit of excellence in all walks of life. With an enthusiasm for technology, an unwavering commitment to healthcare, and a heart full of empathy, Valeriy's life journey is indeed a source of inspiration.

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